Stokbrood with Biltong & Fig Braaied Brie

Stokbrood With Biltong & Fig Braaied Brie

Stokbrood with Biltong & Fig Braaied Brie

Stokbrood is a South African staple. Take it to the next level using Barrett’s Ridge Italian Cheese mix and adding these surprisingly complementary flavours.


Traditional stokbrood (literally, bread on a stick) is made by wrapping the dough around a skewer and roasting it over the fire. Here, common stokbrood is given a little more panache. The saltiness of the biltong is perfectly balanced by the sweet fig preserve and the rich flavour of brie.

  • Prep Time20 min
  • Cook Time45 min
  • Total Time1 hr 5 min
  • Yield12 Stokbrood
  • Cuisine
    • South African
  • Course
    • Appetizer
    • Snack
  • Cooking Method
    • Baking
  • Barrett's Ridge Beer Bread Mix


  • 1 bag Barrett’s Ridge Beer Bread Mix (For this recipe we used the Italian Cheese Flavour)
  • 30 g cold butter, cubed
  • 2 cups double-thick plain yoghurt 
  • 250 g  Brie round
  • 50 g Sliced Biltong
  • 1 Fresh Fig – Sliced in quarters
  • Syrup from fig preserve



Place all the Beer Bread mix in a bowl and rub in the butter using your fingertips. Once the mixture resembles breadcrumbs, gradually cut in the yoghurt using a butter knife until a dough forms.


Divide into tennis-ball-sized portions, roll into long strips and twist around skewers or sticks


Place brie into a heat-proof pan.


Top with fresh figs and biltong and then drizzle with the syrup.


Place pan directly onto hot coals and leave until cheese is oozy and melted.


While the cheese is melting, braai the stokbrood over the coals, turning occasionally, until slightly charred and cooked through.


Serve with the melted brie.

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