Barrett's Ridge and Ukama Holdings

Barrett’s Ridge is a small, woman-focused business based in South Africa dedicated to job creation and empowerment. Through your purchase of Barrett’s Ridge Beer Bread Mixes, you support the creation of jobs for women in the community, as well as helping feed children in disadvantaged areas around Cape Town.

Our products are packaged at Ukama Holdings, which provides training, mentorship and support to black-owned micro-enterprises. The Ukama social enterprise facilitates the creation of micro-enterprises by women from previously disadvantaged communities.

Ukama Community Foundation

We also donate a portion of our profits to the Ukama Community Foundation, an outreach program initiated to uplift and brighten the lives of township children. Ukama Community Foundation supplies and equips 10 soup kitchens throughout the Western Cape and feeds over 400 children in informal settlements daily.

Thank you for supporting Barrett’s Ridge and here’s to creating a better South Africa, together.