Why is it that all great recipes come from grandmothers? Is it all the time that goes into perfecting the recipes? Is it because they use the best natural ingredients? Or is it because the most important ingredient of all family recipes is love? Whatever the reason, my grandmother knew how to make the best beer bread. It has been a staple at our family lunches since before I can remember. 

Barrett's Ridge Our Story

But having a freshly baked loaf of beer bread on the table is more than just that. It’s the satisfaction you feel when you take the steaming loaf from the oven. It’s the joy of sharing it with family, friends and loved ones. Just like that loaf you’ve just baked, that feeling is something you want to share and I wanted to share it with you.

Barrett's Ridge Our Story


Tayrene loves her family most of all, but she also is a lover of beer and a lover of bread… a lover of carbs in general really. So, when she decided to change career paths after 15 years in the fashion industry, it was really no surprise that Barrett’s Ridge Beer Bread was born. Tayrene is now fortunate enough to have a career that involves two of her favourite things. They say you need to be passionate about what you do and that is certainly true of what Tayrene does. 

Tayrene had to make a few tweaks to Gran’s original recipe to bring you the delicious variety of options that are available to you here. And we have to admit that we’ve baked a few strange things in our search for the perfect loaf.  But today, Tayrene brings her family staple to every family’s table. This proudly South African business is booming and Barrett’s Ridge now has the pleasure of working with an extended family of equally passionate resellers, online foodie stores, and best of all, a number of community projects that have turned this small family into an extended family.


The simple things in life are still the most satisfying. And you can’t beat a crispy-on-the-outside, fluffy-on-the-inside slice of freshly baked bread, hot from the oven. Or can you? The great thing about Barrett’s Ridge is not only that you have eight delicious variations to choose from, but that these virtually flop-proof mixes allow you to experiment, switch things up, and make our bread your own. 

Barrett's Ridge Beer Bread

We’re constantly looking for new ways to add that extra special something to your family table. We regularly add new recipes here. Maybe one of them could be yours. Try some of our existing recipes and find the ones that you like best. Or experiment with your own ingredients and share your success stories with us.



Owner & Founder

Barrett's Ridge was born out of her love for beer and bread... and a few tweaks to her grandmother's secret recipe.

10 years on and with a great team behind her, Barrett's Ridge is more than she could have ever imagined.



Operations Manager

Clinton is never without a smile on his face and always goes above and beyond in everything he does.

He is an absolute asset and we are thrilled to have him on board as operations manager at Barrett's Ridge.

Charne Ukama


Packing & Production

Charné is a micro-enterprise owner at Ukama Packing Solutions.

She and her team are the amazing women behind the packing and production of our beer bread mixes. Charné is driven and hardworking and always gives her very best.