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Beer bread is a pre-made mix of bread ingredients, which only require a baker to add beer to. For example, our mixes require 1 x 330 ml beer at room temperature. After mixing, the bread is baked and eaten alongside delicious meals!

Barrett’s Ridge Beer Breads can be eaten with numerous meals. Some suggestions are cheese, marmalades, and much, much more.


Browse our recipes here!

The options are endless! 


You can use your Barrett’s Ridge Beer Bread Mix to create bread, pizza, cookies (with our choc chip mix), cake, burgers, onion rings, and much more. Your imagination is the limit!


Browse our recipes here!

When beer bread is baked, a big percentage of the alcohol evaporates in the process – but should you want to make a bread without beer – soda water can be used instead or a non-alcoholic beer. It tastes just as good!

The best recipe will be according to the bakers preference. You can have a look at some of our recipes here and explore our mixes here and decide what flavour suits your palate.

Lagers, ales, and pilsners are lighter beers that will give your bread a lighter colour, and a milder flavour.


A dark beer like a stout or porter will yield a darker loaf with a stronger beer flavour.


Beers with a high hop content, such as IPAs, will make your bread taste more bitter.


Ciders and soda waters can also be used instead of beer.