Barrett's Ridge Beer Bread mix Original

The Ultimate Beer Bread Mix

There’s nothing like the aroma of freshly baked bread. And there’s nothing like the taste of a crispy-crusted thick slice of Barrett’s Ridge beer bread slathered with butter. 


Barrett’s Ridge bread is incredibly easy to make. No toil and trouble – just add the bubbles. Whether you make it the traditional way with your favourite brew or prefer a non-alcoholic option your bread will be just as tasty. Because it’s all in the mix and we’ve got eight delicious mixes to choose from. 


Follow the easy instructions that come with every pack or kick things up a notch with one of the great recipes on our site and you’ll be tucking into some homemade happiness in no time.

Braai burgers

You’ll bowl everyone over with these delicious Braai Burgers. We have used Barrett’s Ridge Italian Cheese Beer Bread Mix but these will be incredible with any of our savoury mixes.

personalised gifting

From branded corporate gifting to personalised wedding favours we have a unique solution for your campaign, occasion or special event.

the best of both worlds

Unlike our quick and easy bread mixes, our success didn’t happen overnight. It took a bit of time to combine the tried-and-tested traditions of bread-making with the modern-day innovation that allows you to get a hot loaf of beer bread on the table in less time than it takes for the coals on the braai to be ready. But we think we’ve got it just right.

Barrett's Ridge Beer Bread

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